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ME 1_Artboard 1.png

Tray Ravioli (With Minced Meat)

ME 2_Artboard 1.png

Lentil Tray Ravioli

ME 3_Artboard 1.png

Tray Piruhi (Minced Meat)

Kayseri Ravioli (Minced Meat)

ME 4_Artboard 1.png
ME 5_Artboard 1.png

Lentil Ravioli

ME 6_Artboard 1.png

Sinop Ravioli (With Walnuts, Minced Meat)

ME 7_Artboard 1.png

Pera Special (Minced Meat)

Diet Ravioli (With Minced Meat)

ME 8_Artboard 1.png
ME 9_Artboard 1.png

Crispy Turquoise (With Minced Meat)

Sebit Oil (With Minced Meat)

ME 10_Artboard 1.png
ME 11_Artboard 1.png

Meat leaf wrapping

Şehzade Mantı (Minced Meat)

ME 12_Artboard 1.png
ME 13_Artboard 1.png

Mantaz (With Potatoes)

Sausage Stuffing (with Minced Meat)

ME 14_Artboard 1.png
ME 15_Artboard 1.png

Special Lentil Soup

Creamy Broccoli Soup

ME 16_Artboard 1.png
ME 17_Artboard 1.png

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

Piraye Dessert

ME 18_Artboard 1.png
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