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European Superior Taste
The First and Only to Receive the Award
Ravioli Restaurant


European Union
Consumer Protection Association
Golden Brand Award


Milliyet Newspaper Turkey's
Among the Top 10 Ravioli Restaurants
First Prize


Favorite Flavors Awards
Turkey's Best
Ravioli Restaurant

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We offer our manti varieties in the same way as the first day, without losing their taste and quality.with quality materials we do.

We continue to develop new ideas, recipes and cooking techniques by adhering to traditional recipes and cooking methods. Since the day we first opened, we have been making better, better quality and more delicious food. We are in a race with ourselves in this regard.

All the products that add flavor to our manti are of the highest quality and come from the provinces in Turkey where they are made best.

Everything you've ever trieddumplings forget it!

Are you ready for an extraordinary taste experience?

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What's On

Every Material Is Displaced

Each ingredient we use in our manti varietiesbest made ,best bred comes from the regions.

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our garlic
From Kastamonu Taşköprü

Our Spices
from Gaziantep

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TERE 4_Artboard 1.png

Our Vine Leaves
from manisa

our butter
from trabzon

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